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High-ranking campus bureaucrat defends diversity of thought after conservative students attacked

Says his views are ‘very much in line’ with his ‘peers across the country’

Earlier this month, an English professor blamed the nation’s education schools for turning out a generation of college administrators who instill politically correct panic in their students.

The explosion in campus bureaucracy is largely responsible for the “alternate curriculum” that teaches “anything that could be construed as bigotry and hatred should be construed as bigotry and hatred” and part of an “epidemic,” Lyell Asher wrote in Quillette. He blamed his own Lewis & Clark College for playing a role.

The University of Florida’s David Parrott is not part of the problem Asher describes. But as the vice president of student affairs told The College Fix, he doesn’t think his profession is plagued by intolerance and hypersensitivity.

Parrott took an unusual step for a campus administrator shortly after Asher’s essay made the rounds.

He not only publicly defended the right of an unpopular campus group, the UF chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, to spread their conservative message without disruption from critics. Parrott suggested UF needed more groups like YAF.

“Diversity and inclusion is crucial to our campus community. We usually hear diversity used in reference to race, ethnicity and gender identity, all of which are appropriate and important,” Parrott wrote in a Tampa Bay Times op-ed.

“Also important to a vibrant and inclusive campus community is diversity of thought,” as well as diversity of backgrounds, “including those from sparsely populated rural counties,” ROTC members and veterans, he wrote.

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